Glorious Chaos

I always just assumed I would be a mom who worked outside the home, probably because I grew up with a mom who worked outside the home. It’s fun, isn’t it, how the plans we make for ourselves can be so rooted in the legacy our parents leave for … [Read more]

Embracing Failure

I'm not sure when the decision was first made. Maybe back in elementary school during the dreaded "gymnastics" portion of gym class, where two dozen girls and boys would line up across from one another and have to perform somersaults, backflips, and … [Read more]

10 Great Mother’s Day Gifts

I took Mother's Day for granted before I became a mom. It was a day to celebrate, absolutely, but I didn't understand how motherhood is more than a full time job. It's unending. It's sleepless nights long after the kiddos start sleeping through the … [Read more]

Five Minute Friday: Paint

The harsh brush strokes of society and culture paint titles and expectations on us in colors so subtle we barely notice that we're being covered. Images of success, self-sufficiency, pride, glory, and "you can do it all" swirl around us and we reach … [Read more]