What I’m Loving Vol. 3

See. I told you I'd be back with another one if these. I just can't help myself, and with so many amazing sales happening this weekend for Labor Day, you can bet we're headed to the outlets at some point! And also the Corn Festival. Yep. It's a … [Read more]

Five Minute Friday: Reach

I've been stretched recently, challenged to move outside of what's comfortable and easy and reach for what I can only describe as "more." It's as though I've asked God to expand my territory and He's preparing me for it. And I have. There was a … [Read more]

Kingdom Engineers

I get some of my best post ideas in the strangest of places. Like in the shower, while listening to podcasts. So far no phones have been harmed but it's become this little sanctuary where I can stop, think, breath and dream. Even if it's only for 5 … [Read more]