Misfits and Cheesesteaks

Am I the only one who automatically thinks of The Island of Misfit Toys when they hear the word "misfit"? Little toys that aren't quite right, the ones that no one would want to play with. The outcasts, the rejects, the ones who didn't belong … [Read more]

I’m Not A 5-Easy Steps Kinda Gal

Earlier this year I got the sweetest email from Jacey, asking me a couple questions about becoming a Virtual Assistant. It's amazing to me that in the last two years I went from a corporate job to starting a virtual assistant career, to working for a … [Read more]

Savoring The Seasons

Motherhood has introduced me to seasons in a way I never experienced before. Living on the east coast my entire life, I've seen more than thirty springs, summers, falls, and winters. The seasons change according to the plan God set in place long … [Read more]