Five Minute Friday: Change

All you need to do to understand that something has to change is turn on the news. Look at Twitter. Follow the hashtags and the stories and the devastating news from around the world that makes my brain numb. It's too much to comprehend, too much for … [Read more]

Generosity Fatigue & A New Series

God has blessed me with friends who change the world. The ones who change the world around them by the small but significant act of waking up every morning to feed and clothe and love and teach their children. And the ones who change the world at … [Read more]

Five Minute Friday: Tell

Tell me. What is it you would do if nothing would stop you? What is it you would say, believe, chase, dream, achieve? What is that lives down deep in your heart, that little piece of you that lights up with a holy passion when confronted with a … [Read more]