Five Minute Friday: Finish

Sometimes in this busy, noisy online world you find yourself surrounded by women who simply shine. They're the kind of women who can sit in a circle and share one word God is using in their lives and make you laugh and cry over the glory and grace of … [Read more]

Reality Vs. Perception

You've heard the saying, haven't you? The one that says "perception is reality." I always thought that was a phrase people used when they wanted someone else to change, or when they wanted an excuse not to take responsibility for their feelings. It … [Read more]

Living Unfiltered

I'm over at (in)courage today sharing my heart for living authentically - a deep desire of my heart to know and be known and give God the glory through it all. Here's part of the post - will you click over & read the rest? I'd love to see you … [Read more]

Five Minute Friday: Bloom

First, thank you so much to everyone who came to hang out here last week! It was such an honor to host your words, and I just loved meeting so many new friends and amazing writers! But this week, we're back to linking up with Lisa-Jo for Five Minute … [Read more]